Friday, June 11, 2010


Did the title snag you? It should. I wanted to talk for a bit about my fascination.



I dunno if they exist. I mean, I live with three vampires for crying out loud. Anything is possible. I've never met them, but I think I've heard them talk. Who knows! Could just be my overactive imagination, too.

So my fascination is a ghost who doesn't act like a ghost. You know, not a floaty, filmy thing, but totally corporeal. The person who believes in the ghost or has the vision can see them, not just any Tom, Dick or Harry.

(No boys, I didn't bring anyone new home... men.)

What if that's possible? Yanno? What if some people stick around to help others or to cause trouble?

Well, it's what I wonder anyway. I'd love to talk to my great grandparents on an adult level instead of being a scrawny 8 yr old. Or even try to talk to John Lennon. There are so many people who have gone to the great beyond (or we hope they did) that would be fascinating to talk to.

Okay, the boys want my attention. Gotta run.

Ta ta!

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