Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book Commercial ~ Forever Blowing Bubbles by Franny Armstrong

Forever Blowing Bubbles by Franny Armstrong

Gemini Knight is a witch whose magic never seems to work right. When she accidently transports herself and best friend, Keira, into powerful wizard Braxon Thorne’s bedroom, she stares at him in an endless moment, taking in all his naked glory while wishing he were hers.

When she disappears, leaving only musical laugher behind, he seeks her out wanting to know her secret to getting past his protection spells yet in reality, he has become obsessed with her.

The couple fall head–over–heels in love after Gem lands them in a Dumpster and Brax laughs for the first time in his adult life. The biggest challenge ahead is not only in learning to believe in herself but to keep their two families from rekindling a forty–year old feud and preventing an evil wizard from seizing their powers for his own dire uses and destroying them.


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