Friday, March 26, 2010

What Do You Think?

My pal Wendi asked me what I thought of as my perfect version of a hero.

Tough question.

That's like asking a painter what's his perfect subject or a musician his favorite piece. I'm not totally sure. Well, comes down to this: should a hero be a fantasy man or a regular guy. What do you think?

For me? I want a guy who is sexy. Does that mean he has to be a rock star or a secret agent? It doesn't hurt, but it doesn't hinder either. Now I'm not big into country music, but, from the little I've paid attention to, girls love guys in camo pants, southern drawls, and such. So a guy whose down on the farm should make a great hero.

Now what is my ideal hero? Well, look at my cabana boys and you'll get the picture. Gerard and Jeremy are fine specimens of vampire cabananess. And no I won't tell you what they do during their spare time.

So what do you think? Does a hero have to be a sweeping Scotsman? Or a flashy actor? What about a single dad who works at a factory? Maybe I'm going on too long about this, but I go back to my writing and think about my heroes and wonder. Yanno?

But I need to get back to my boys.



Amber Skyze said...

I think both these guys are great!

ParaNovelGirl said...

Wow, that Hump Day pic made me lose track of my brain for a few moments. LOL

I go for the boy behind door number 1. Love a great tan and buffed muscled showers...grrrr