Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Couple Things....

Below you will see the voting post for the Best Hottie of January and February 2010. So don't hesitate to go on down there and take a peek, then vote for who your favorite hottie is in the poll over there on the sidebar. ----------->>

I'm working on edits right now for another story. One that has basically sat rather patiently for me to get around to fixing it. I started with the NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) group. Kinda like the NaNoWriMo it gives you motivation to actually sit down and edit your story in that time period. I think I do better under pressure when it comes to things. Tell me when it's due and I'll bust my butt to get it done. Soooo... here I am editing, and revising to my heart's content and if I can do well with it I may have another book ready to be subbed out to another publisher. Since it goes by hour instead of word count of your edits I set the stopwatch, and when I run out of steam or a story isn't easy to fix I stop the watch and enter in the amout of time I've spent editing. So far it's been fun and I'm actually looking at the story again. It's been marinating in my head until certain aspects could be figured out. So, cross your fingers and wish me well. I really want to be published.

And my last bit of news, my good friend Megan Slayer has a short story up on the Whipped Cream site. Titled Change Me, it's a rather erotic and emotional story that will capture your attention. Okay, yes I am on of Megan's crit partners, but it truly is a great story. So stop on by Whipped Cream and have a peek at what I'm talking about. I hope y'all enjoy it as I think I have a short that will be going up within the next few weeks as well. Let me know what you think of Megan's story.


Megan Slayer said...

Why thank my dear. Remind me to send a cabana boy over as a thank you.

You'll get the edits done, I have faith.

Kealie Shay said...

You're verra welcome, m'dear. :-D

And thanks, I figure between Mysti and you nagging I'll at least get partway through them. LOL