Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Addicted to Research...

Now that title can mean just about anything. LOL. But it's not as dirty as you would expect from me. It simply applies to my addiction to looking things up and learning new things all the time. Usually in the pursuit of writing another book. So, right now with the holiday fervor finally over, I can start focusing again. I wish that I could finally finish the story that has been rolling around in my head... but for some reason I let it stall and it's still sitting there. Y'll saw the flash fiction I did with the characters from the story I'm working on. It's really compelling me and I want to get it finished, I think they deserve their story.

I had a story idea hit me in the head rather loudly as I was taking my tot to kindergarten. Long story short, a hot teacher on a motorcycle and then my muse ran with it. "OH, his lady love!" Yes, that's how she talks. "His ladylove over here, :::whispers to the side::: tell her your name... His Ladylove, Gemma over here in this story is deaf." And when I just blinked back at her she shrugged her lovely shoulders bared by her halter top and said, "I'm just telling you what she told me."

So, now this idea wont' let me go despite the fact that I am working on something else. So I write the idea down and think I'm done with it until I can sit down and do the work this story will so obviously need. But I can't get the idea of the research out of my head. I find my brain wandering while online and I end up at some site chronicling this or explaining that. I eventually get myself back online, but some days it's a close call.

Is anyone else out there completely pulled in by the siren call of research? Do you feel a certain rush when find that little nugget of fact that gets you so excited because that would be such a great part of the storyline? Inquiring minds want to know.

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