Thursday, January 7, 2010

Neverending Edits

I got what I hope are my final edits for "Shut Up and Kiss Me" in my inbox two days ago. It was both exciting to get them and discouraging.

I feel as though I've worked that story to death and I'm a little sick of it, lol. Think about it -- how many times do we touch a story before it's published?

I write the first draft. Send to my crit partners. Get suggestions and edit. Send again. Make more edits. Submit to publisher (and then feel like vomiting). Get contract and edits. Do edits and send back. Get more edits. Do them. Get MORE edits.


And so it goes. I try to remember that I'm so grateful for the opportunity to publish my story, and edits are part and parcel of that (and I love my editor, I really do -- she's going to make the story so much stronger!), but there are days I don't think I can face it again.

Regardless, I'll be working my rear off on those edits and hope that they will be done, done, done this time! Wish me luck.

How do YOU feel about editing?

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Lynne Roberts said...

Mysti, I'm so glad you wrote this post! I'm not alone! By the time I get those last galleys, I can honestly say, I never want to see the damn book again. At that point, I've gone over every word in the MS at least 20 times.

That's not to say that I don't love this job because there is nothing I'd rather do (which makes me a maschochist) but there are parts I love more than others. : )

Like you, I'll work my tail off to make sure it's the best book I can produce and then, by the release date, I'll love it again. :0)