Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I've Gone International!

LOL, seriously! It was so weird. Occasionally I enter in my name in Google and look around at what shows up. Usually it's where I've commented on a blog of a friend, or links to my website and this blog as well as my MySpace and Facebook profiles. Imagine my surprise when I saw a link for what appears to be a blog I've never heard of!

I clicked the link and then blinked. I kid you not the blog... or whatever it is... is called Whipped Ass and it has stories and diatribes and... stories from all over the internet that they rate. Apparently it's in an Eastern Bloc country, as I can't decipher the language. They apparently found one of my free short reads over on Whipped Cream and posted it. Complete with giving me credit and my mini-bio along with a link to my website. How did they rate it? Настроение сейчас - Very good. You can go see for yourself here. Maybe you can translate it for me.

So, a part of me is really very flattered, but another part of me wonders how they found it... okay not really since I found them... but still. Is this considered piracy? I mean it's a free read, so I didn't really think that... mostly I was just flattered. And then I had to laugh because...obviously it was originally read in their language and then translated back to English... so it changed a little bit in translation. Has anyone else had strangeness like this before? Just wondering?

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