Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wanna be Flashed?

Hee hee... I was kind of at a loss as to what to blog about today. You really don't need to hear more about my freaking trials and travails. Sooo... I was trying to think... yeah yeah, no blonde jokes please. And I wanted to do something for the upcoming holiday (which I LOVE).

Halloween is one of my fave times of the year, I decorate, I dress up (even though no one but the neighborhood kids see me, usually) and I have a blast carving pumpkins and watching my hubby scare the kids of the neighborhood. Sooooooo... around this time last year I entered a Flash Fiction contest. It was fun, and it had a couple of characters from a current WIP (yes, it's still a WIP... took them this long to tell me I had the wrong animal...). I didn't mention it on the blog last year, so I have no idea if any of y'all have read it. But, I thought that I would share it with y'all here. I've added some to it (it was originally 500 words... too short in my opinion... lol). Enjoy!

©2009 Kealie Shay

“Where the hell is everyone?” Gemma muttered as she strode across the foyer of her too silent house. The stiletto heels of her boots clicked loudly. “Hello!” she hollered, from the foot of the stairs. Her voice echoed back. “Dammit.”

All those adult toys from the Adult Halloween Carnival she’d just worked had heated her up, now there was no one around to assuage the ache. “Guess it’s BOBs turn.” An unladylike snort slipped past her lips as she lifted her long, silky skirt to climb the stairs without tripping.

The low, animalistic growl behind her halted her momentum. The hairs on the back of her neck lifted. A shiver of fear tripped up her spine. Gemma gasped, heart pounding so hard it might burst from her chest; she had one chance at escape. She launched herself up the stairs, taking them two at a time. The low grunts and growls behind her grew louder as her pursuer closed in behind her. With a desperate burst of speed she moved faster, grabbing the newel post at the top landing, slingshot-ing around the banister and toward her bedroom. The scrabble of claws and thump of a body against the wall told her the pursuer hadn’t made the turn as easily.

She dashed through the bedroom door, and felt a burst of hope until an arm caught her from behind, squeezing the breath from her. The boning in her corset bit into her stomach as she was lifted then tossed toward the bed. Landing with a loud, “Ooompf!” she scrambled forward on hands and knees. Two huge hands slapped down in front of her face stopping her forward momentum. The creature came over the top of her, caging her with its body. Trembling, she held as still as she could despite the adrenaline racing through her. She was mesmerized by the clawed hand sliding down her body to slowly lift her skirt. A whimper slid past her lips before she could bite it back.

The rasp of claws against her stocking-clad leg, and then her naked thigh sent shivers down Gemma’s spine. She moaned as the feel of cool air and fur against her exposed backside shocked her system. The hairy, clawed arm next to her face transformed into an elegant, long-fingered hand attached to a man’s smooth, muscular forearm. The fur melted away and Gemma cried out as his huge cock slammed into her pussy from behind, the entry rough and just what she needed.

“God, Gemma,” Colin moaned as he pulled out until only the head of his cock remained inside her. “I could smell your fucking heat when you walked in the door.”

“It was all the toys. Brought some home… for later. Now, please, shut up and fuck me!” she panted.

Her mate obliged her, slamming back inside her to the hilt. His pubic hair rubbed against her naked ass as he rotated his hips to grind against her, his cock bucked inside her wet pussy. He pulled back and thrust back in with a groan. Then, as if his control had snapped, he set a fast pace, pounding in and out of her welcoming body, pushing them quickly toward completion. She whimpered when his callused fingers slid along her hip then burrowed into her folds to stroke her clit. The rough pad of one finger slid around the engorged bud slowly, pulling pleasure from deep within her. Lightning zinged up her spine and Gemma arched back, meeting each brutal thrust, desperate to reach that glorious peak.

A second finger joined the first against her clit and he squeezed the nerve-rich flesh just hard enough, just short of pain, pushing her over the edge into ecstasy. She screamed, her release rolling over her in waves while Colin kept up the punishing pace until, two thrusts later he came with a growl. Her arms gave out and they fell to the bed. He braced himself, stopping just short of crushing her with his massive weight by shifting to his side.

Still panting, Colin grumbled into the pillow, “It bloody well took you long enough to get home. Knowing what you were and weren’t wearing under that damned outfit… all I’ve wanted was to take you with your fucking boots still on.”

Gemma laughed. “They’re not ‘fucking’ boots. The correct term is ‘fuck-me boots’.”

A masculine groan pulled Gemma’s gaze from the ceiling above their bed to the men standing in the doorway. Her other mates, Farrell and Gerard, stood in the doorway watching her and Colin with greedy eyes.

“Dammit, Colin!” Farrell was clearly disgruntled at missing the fun. “You started without us!”

“Looks like he finished without us too,” Gerard griped from his position next to the larger male leaning against the doorframe.

Gemma laughed as the feline shifter at her back purred his contentment. “Don’t worry, boys. There’s plenty for everyone.”

Farrell pushed away from the door jamb with Gerard hot on his heels. The men prowled across the room like the predators they were. Farrell grabbed Gemma’s ankle and yanked her to the edge of the bed as he bent down to crush her lips beneath his own. “The fuck-me boots stay on,” he growled against her smiling mouth.


s7anna said...

OH WOW! I'm loving the story...u need to turn it into a long novel!!! I NEED MORE!!!

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Very nice! Ah, but you should --dare I say it -- E X P A N D it.
Tee hee.

Kealie Shay said...

LOL, so here's the deal, these are characters from my current WIP, that has been a WIP for about a year now. The characters were giving me grief... then they stopped giving me grief and life is so much better. LOL... soooo.... eventually, you may get to see a lot more of Colin, Gemma, Gerard and Farrell... :-D

Catherine Bybee said...

So nice of the characters to stop giving you grief. Sometimes they just need to be tied up and put on a time out.

Patsy said...

Oh my...wow. I do hope to read about Coin, Gemma, Gerard, and Farrell again very soon. They are my new best friends!

Lise said...

Oh dear! That certainly brought out the "animal" in me! Dee-lightful Halloween tale - and certainly terrific "tricks and treats"! (Who wants candy bars when you can have a menage a quatre, after all?)