Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not Here... and Announcement!

Okay, I wasn't here today. I spent most of the day at the hospital keeping my mom company while my dad was in surgery. So, I'm a bit exhausted and forgot today was my usual day to blog. So you get a late post. Dad's fine, he had hip surgery, but he's cranky... he's not the best of patients and my mom worries while he's in the OR. Might be because she's a nurse and knows all that could go wrong. So, since the hubby was off work today, I hung out with my mom at the hospital most of the day. Now, I'm off to hide in my room so I can hopefully... finally... finish revisions to resubmit my cowboy story to TWRP.

Speaking of cowboy stories (ya like how I segued there?): Our good friend Sandy Sullivan had a release last week! Way to go Sandy! (Yup, give me a holler and I'll announce yours too... lol) Her book Cowboy Love came out on Thursday the 10th of September, and is available from Siren Publishing. It looks purty good too!

Cowboy Love by Sandy Sullivan

Amy Russell has sworn off men until she runs into Tanner Lewis. His muscular chest, soft brown eyes and drop dead gorgeous, sexy dimpled smile has her rethinking her decision. Can she learn to trust again, especially a cowboy, after her ex broke her heart? Will she let Tanner penetrate the shell around her heart?

Tanner's been burned. Yeah, he was in love once, until he caught his fiancé in bed with his best friend. Now all he wants is to get his singing career on the right path. Just when he thinks things are going perfectly, he runs smack into Amy Russell, horse tamer extraordinaire and registered nurse. As he watches her take a difficult horse and turn it into a docile pussycat with nothing more than soft words and a kind touch, he's fascinated, but Amy doesn't want a relationship. Can he convince her there's nothing better than a cowboy's love?

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Sandy Sullivan said...

Thanks Kealie and good luck with your submission to TWRP!

I just found out this morning too that Cowboy Love has broke the top 20 at Sirenbookstrand.com! It's sitting at 18!