Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friday Fun...on Thursday?!?!

So it's Thursday and I can already tell what you're thinking. Isn't Thursday, Mysti's day? Usually, it is. But, I'm being a good friend because tomorrow is her release day. It is! Sugar Walls comes out tomorrow. So, in celebration of her release day, I gave her tomorrow to post. I'll post on her day.

And since the theme is new release books, I thought I'd write a spotlight on my newest release, Wild Flower. Have you read the others in the Glow series? Well, this one is a spin-off and features the fans. I'd always planned to run with the series as long as it let me and as long as the readers wanted to read about the characters, so this one is the first jumping off point--sort of. The fan stories aren't just fans and have other lives outside of the band. There are connections. A band needs a lot of peripheral help and work.

So here's a little about Wild Flower and a hot excerpt!!

BIN: 05874-01884
Word Count: 17K
Page Count: 58
Price: $3.99
Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Artist: ReneƩ George
Genres and Themes: Erotic Romance, Novella, Paranormal, Magic, Werewolves

She's the key to his destiny, if he's willing to embrace a position of power.

Ansen doesn't believe he's alpha material. He lives life on his own terms and keeps feelings out of the equation -- until a chance meeting at a Glow concert turns his world upside down.

Willow likes having all access to her favorite band. She lives in the shadows and keeps the band's fan site running without fail. But one glimpse of the dark stranger proves there's more to life than a laptop screen.

But is he too much of a gamble if her heart is the ultimate prize?

And now for that excerpt!!

"Yeah." Willow reached between their bodies and massaged the bulge in his pants. His eyelids drooped and his lips parted. The muscles in his jaw tensed. She popped the button on his jeans and tugged his zipper. His cock poked out of the opening in his boxers. She wrapped her fingers around his erection and stroked him.

"Shit, that feels like heaven." Mr. Handsome kept one arm around her and fumbled in his pocket with his other hand. He let go of her and took a condom from his wallet. Good thing one of them had thought about protection. A bit of her gumption melted away.

"Never want to hurt you." He nuzzled her neck, rubbing his nose over her skin. "Ever." He placed the condom in her hand. "Please?"

Willow took the hint and sheathed him. She shifted, yanking her skirt up out of the way. He stroked the length of her inner thigh.

"Fuck," he bit out and grasped her hips. He hiked her flush to his chest and moved her panties to the side. His cock throbbed against her clit, sending shivers through her body.

"Fuck me." Willow rested her forehead on his.

"No." He buried his face in the curve of her shoulder. The word vibrated her nerve endings. "Making love to you."

She opened her mouth to correct him and he took her breath away when he entered her. Willow gasped at the tight fit. She whimpered and rocked her hips, sending him deeper into her pussy.


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