Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Book Video ~ The Tenth Legion ~ Mike Arsuaga

New Year’s Day is not going well for Lorna Winters, the only werewolf on the OPD—Orlando Police Department. She’s kicked her friend with benefits out of bed, had to subdue a berserk junkie in the middle of the squad room, and given all the guys a free peep show when she changed back to her human shape from her wolf form. And when she gets a great new lead on a big cold case, she discovers that in order to pursue it, she has to gain the cooperation of the vampire CEO of Subspecies, Inc., one of the two largest corporations in the world.

And the twenty-second century is only one day old.

When Lorna’s police work accidentally uncovers lost documents precious to the Whites, the First Family of the Subspecies, she finds herself in close contact with their handsome CEO, Ed White, as he expresses his gratitude to her. Brought face to face, the sparks fly between them, as they discover they have more in common than either ever imagined. Can they build a meaningful relationship when faced with traitorous relatives, organ thieves, plague, prophecies of Earth’s destruction, and a sinister organization known as the Tenth Legion?

The saga of the Subspecies continues…

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