Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some Days I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything.... today.

Why? I've got a pretty good reason. Or three.

I'm taking the book Believe on a review tour this week and next. That's a lot of work. What doesn't help matters much is, well, actually a couple things. Reviews are a crap shoot. I know that. Not everyone will like the book. So each day is like waking up with the fear the review won't be good. That's life, though.

Also, my laptop battery has given up it's life. The laptop still works if I've got it on a cord, but come on. That's why I got a laptop--to take it with me. The rotten battery replacement is going to be anywhere from $30 to $180. Yeah, you read those last three numbers right. That's like 1/3 of a computer if I replaced it. And yeah, I looked at amazon, but sheesh, have you read those reviews? Either they've had the battery for a day and love it, or the thing doesn't work. HELP!?!

And for the icing on the allergies are acting up. YAY. Okay, not yay. It stinks. I've gone through at least one box of tissues. Benedryl is about the only thing that works to make life breathable. Problem? It knocks me out. Yeah. Thrilling.

I've got a story to finish and at least one percolating. Oh and next week, on Friday the 13th... Always releases! For that, I am excited. Peter Pan a grown up and a Dom to boot!

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