Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our hottie for today is none other than Parks and Recreations...
Adam Scott
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He is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Is good friends with actor Paul Rudd.
(2010 quote on his career) I'm still in the guest-star mentality, where I'm just grateful. Like, on the Parks And Rec set, I still feel like I'm a guest star. Being a fan of the show, it's really surreal to be on the set and see that it's not real, and getting to know the actors and they're not their characters. I'm still kind of in that mindset, most of the time.
(2008 quote on his career approach) I really just take it role by role, and I don't really have a specific idea of what I want to play. I just read stuff and figure out what I might enjoy doing. If they're interested in me and things line just hope it all lines up.


Savannah Chase said...

I know him from somewhere but I can't put my finger on where..

Megan Slayer said...

Parks and Recreation among other shows. THat's where I saw him from.