Thursday, December 8, 2011


I found out this past week that my very short, sexy romp formerly known as "Her Handyman" was offered a contract from The Wild Rose Press (Wilder Roses). I haven't actually signed on the dotted line yet because we need a new title. My editor asked for some suggestions (within certain parameters) and I sent along six or seven, but OMG titles are harder than writing a book!

Two things make a first impression: title and cover. I really think a lot hinges on both. So coming up with just the right title is important. There are the standard ones that we all giggle at, but apparently sell books (or Harlequin wouldn't keep using them). You know the ones: "The Greek Billionaire's Widowed Virgin Mistress".

Okay ... I can't resist... I have to go find some real ones to share.

"The Greek's Convenient Mistress"
"Sophie and the Scorching Sicilian"
"Shameful Secret, Shotgun Wedding"
"The Sabbides Secret Baby"

Ooooh.... I like this one:

"Forbidden or For Bedding?"

Yeah, baby.

Anyway, I'm hoping for a decent title. And a smoking hot cover. That's what I want for Christmas this year.


Ranae Rose said...

I actually like the title 'Shameful Secret, Shotgun Wedding'. LOL

Good luck coming up with the right title for your book!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Sounds like a plan to me. Good luck on the title and the cover...Didn't megan send a couple title idears your way?

Mysti Holiday said...

Ranae, I loved "Forbidden or For Bedding" -- really. To the point where I may have to read the book! LOL...

Wendi, it looks like they're taking my first suggestion, but now I need to figure out how I'm to weave it through the story without hitting folks on the head with it. And no, not saying until it's official!