Friday, December 9, 2011

Did You Ever....

Did you ever do something so totally foolish and out of your personality that the moment you did it you thought, gee, why did I do this?

What am I talking about you may ask? I'll be general, but this.

I usually at least look at the person I'm friending when I accept a friend request. You never know who might want to friend you. I like to friend readers/writers/potential readers etc. So this person sends me a request.

Seems harmless enough.

I check the pics out and this person looks harmless enough. So I hit accept. Don't want to discourage a potential reader or faithful reader or whatever.

That's when it got strange.

The person wanted to chat. Fair enough. I chatted. But then this person started asking questions. Was I married? Did my kids live with me? Where did I live?

Um...yeah... I'm a pretty open person and I don't really hold much back. But if I've JUST been friended by you and I really don't know sorry. I'm not just going to tell you my street address and blood type.

I had this odd feeling at the time that it wasn't a good idea to hit accept. Was this person dangerous? Probably not, but what if?

Have you ever done something like that? Something you knew in your gut wasn't real smart and then had to take it back? Just wondered if I'm the lone stupid one.


Leah said...

Yes, and stupidly more than once. Fortunately no harm came of it, but you never know if you'll end up with a stalker!

Megan Slayer said...

I know!!! That's why I freaked. Oh well. Let's hope I've learned. Yanno?