Thursday, September 15, 2011

Songs to Get You In the Mood

I'm at a loss for idears for posts today, but this really caught my attention. Someone asked me what songs get me in the mood to write something steamy. Here's a short list of a few and why.

Kiss Me When I'm Down ~ Gary Allan
This one aches so much. I want to hug the man (I want to do more but that's a totally different post), I can feel the longing and frustration. It's a winner.

Two Steps Behind ~ Def Leppard
I love the guitar in this. It's so honest. And yeah, there's a little creepiness to it that he's following her, but it's still sexy. And good to know he's in her corner.

Every Breath You Take ~ The Police
Yes, I remember when this song came out and was so groundbreaking. It was and is. I love the way Sting sings it. Ok, so he sounds like a stalker, but if you divorce yourself from the ick factor, it's still sexy.

With or Without You ~ U2
First off, Bono was hot. He was. Plus the lyrics are so sexy and I love the way he thrusts emotion into every line.

Whew...okay... I'm heading out to write. Yeah, write...write....

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