Friday, September 30, 2011


Ok, so I know this is my last post of September. I'm looking for some help. Last year, we women of the Menagerie wrote a short, Lederhosen Is Sexy, for Halloween. Now, I don't know about the other girls--Kealie's got her hands full, Jenny Kat's been wicked busy, and Mysti does what she can even though she's crazy busy, too--but I wanted some...prompts. Yup. I want YOU the readers of the blog to give me shout outs--what do YOU want to see in a Halloween story? Vampires? Shifters? Fallen Angels? Demons? M/F? M/F/M? M/M? It's up to you.

You'd better comment. My last call to the readers didn't get the response I wanted. This story is going to be written FOR our readers. So if you don't give me feedback, I can't write what you want. I might come up with a fallen angel and the vampire that loves him or something...with lots of hot sex and a handcuff fetish or something.

Come on. It's all in Halloween Fun!!!

But CONGRATS to NATASHA BLACKTHORNE!!! She got the copy of Fire Woman!

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