Thursday, July 29, 2010


Recently, I had to stop reading a couple of books and was so disappointed ... they really sounded good and had TONS of promise, but could have used stronger editing (and maybe a little more schooling on the authors' parts).

One was full of telling. Now, I slip up on the "show don't tell" mantra now and then, but I really make an effort to pay attention AND, thankfully, I have an editor who points out when I slip off the path. This author apparently did/had neither. And, I can take a little telling, but when I'm beat over the head with it again and again, I have to close the book and move on to something else.

I think what was worse for me on this book was that the author actually did a pretty good job of showing, but then apparently doubting her ability, went on to tell me what she meant.

This is what she did (I'm making these lines up, but it gives you an idea):

Martha leaned closer to Joe, her heart pounding, shivers dancing up her spine. Her nipples puckered as the brushed against his chest. Her body filled with desire when she was near him, and she wanted him in the worst way.

Over and over and over, she would SHOW me something, and then TELL me outright what the previous sentence meant.

Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore. That book was deleted from my eReader and I moved on.

What kills the reading mood for you? What makes you stop reading a book? What finally makes or breaks it for you?

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