Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting Done

I had no idea what to write about more than five minutes prior to opening this. Yes, I know, I've been a tad derelict when it comes to actually coming over here. I make it for interview day and then totally blow it the rest of the week.

I'd like to say the boys are keeping me busy. (They are, you know) But it's also about working for the man (men). Someone's gotta bring in a couple of bucks (bucks, boys, not studs... I have you three and that one that sorta wandered in the other day... sorry, he looked lost) Anyway, I have to work. Oy. Yeah, it's a tick overwhelming at times, but I've been trained to be one of those people who never says die (Kealie chimes in: Writer Goonies Never Say Die!). So I buck up and go to work.

Am I complaining. Nope. But, my writing career has hit the stall button (stalling? i'm not stalling.... Stall-ling... huh, stalling...). I have the ideas and I have the drive, but good gravy, I don't have the flippen time. I want to. Heck, I've got a ghost adventurer story and a hunk to match, screaming in my head to give him a chance to have his say and way with the woman he's in love with.

Have you ever said, I'll play hookie for one day so I can do what I want to for the day? I want to know about and maybe get some good tips. Hey, the muse needs let off her leash every once and a while too, ya know...


Kealie Shay said...


*snort* You know I'm soooo the wrong person to ask about this. Ask Mysti, she's superwoman... okay, maybe not, but at least it seems like it. :-D

Mysti Holiday said...

Me? Superwoman? ROFL....

I still like Kealie's "timer" idea. I think it's a good one to help stay focused (that's MY problem ... I start one thing, and then wander off and do something else).

You can do it!!!