Friday, July 16, 2010

Death by Chocolate

I happened to be watching one of those 'how they make it' type of shows and it was about chocolate. I dunno about you, but watching those slabs of chocolate melt and the hundreds of chocolate bars formed... my mouth watered. Yeah, I like chocolate.

That being said, this post is called Death by Chocolate. Why? Don't tell me you've never wondered why it might be like to lay under that waterfall of chocolate. I didn't say I'd roll in it. That'd waste perfectly good chocolate.

But what about a romance including chocolate? The idea isn't new. Lots of romances have the man giving the heroine chocolate...boring. Then there's chocolate body paint. Ok, more enticing, but not quite what I want. You have the story where she works at a chocolate factory... too Lucy. Cooks, bakers, ice cream makers... still not doing it for me. Oh, and then there's the interracial that's cloaked as "chocolate". Good idea, but no.

I had a friend write a story where words had tastes...hunk tasted like chocolate. I won't take her idea, but it has merit.

So what do I want? Her dreaming about laying in that waterfall of chocolate and then it morphs into his kisses... and then they meet, stuff happens, and then there's a white hot scene in the bedroom where he teases her with a chocolate bar. Hey, food play is interesting. Add in the element of bondage--she can't eat the blessed chocolate--and you got something. Or rather, I have something.

Hm..... I just complained on my blog I don't have time to write, but that story idea makes me think I need to make time.

I'll be back later.

I have a story to write.

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