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Author Interview ~ J. Rose Allister

Alrighty, back into the swing of things we go… :-D It’s Monday, and while normally Mondays are a bad thing, we love them here at The Menagerie. Because we get to hang out with new friends and get to know other authors that much better. I’m loving having everyone on the couch answering questions. :-D

So, today we have with us author J. Rose Allister who in her words is here “with bells on!” My only question would be are they slave bells? And where exactly is she wearing them? But that’s my own perverse curiosity. Let’s all make sure to make her feel welcome. And let’s get started.

So, J, Do you think you have a specific writing style?

I do have a specific style! Unfortunately, more often than not these days my muse laughs his sexy, throaty, and yet highly annoying laugh (yes, my muse is male) when I try to utilize it, and then he takes over. I would carefully, painstakingly script, outline, and world/character build books prior to beginning chapter 1. But *he* prefers to grip me with a sudden writing fever, where I hit the keys running with no prelude, then stay up until all hours for weeks on end until the story is on paper and I’m exhausted. Admittedly, his method is more exciting for me, as this way I get to be surprised by what’s going to happen next.

LOL, you’re not the only female author I know who has a male muse. Mine just brings home more and more males… she says their inspiring and since she’s done with them why not give them their own story. LOL How did you come up with the title?

I actually had my original working title vetoed by the publisher, who felt it was too bland and didn’t convey the right idea of a fantasy paradise. So after thinking about some elements of the story—including ones I will not give away here, because they are spoilers—I realized I needed a title that focused on where the story begins, which is the hidden nook where David first discovers Gina sunbathing topless.

Oh, wow, our Mysti had to go through renaming her currently contracted story. At least you found one that you liked. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes! Several, in fact, but some messages are best not to try and point out. They’re easier to feel out if you don’t. Still, one big theme in THEIR SECRET PARADISE is that head knowledge doesn’t always translate well to the heart, and vice versa. The heroine has experienced the difficulties of letting her heart rule reason, and letting logic block the way to her heart. There is a balance we must all discover, regardless of the internal and external factors influencing our approach to a romantic relationship.

How so very true! I agree you can try and explain it or you can just let the readers figure it out. And if they can’t, then they’ll come to you and ask. :-D How much of the book is realistic?

I’d like to think the entire book is realistic, even though this is a supernatural fantasy. There’s realistic and factual, which are separate things. I do believe strongly in places where energies work differently. Hawaii, for instance, or Sedona Arizona are places I’ve visited that have a strong, paranormal surge of energy flowing. I also believe there are entities most of us are not aware exist, but are as real as the air we breathe. So is the Bahamas resort and its paranormal beings/energies factual? No. Is the premise realistic? In ways, I think very much so. We go somewhere new, the energies there inspire us to act and feel in ways we wouldn’t ordinarily be open to, and passion or change comes from it.

I think believability is definitely possible even when reading a paranormal. Heck even when reading a Sci-fi/Fantasy if they make you believe that they exist, that they are people and that what is happening could happen, then they are definitely possible to be considered realistic. Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

The experiences in the book are not factually my own, but are more a way of showcasing ways I believe people can be impacted by powers around us. The god Lust, for instance, is a minor character in this book and an important player in later tales in this series. Is he a real “someone” I know? I’d like to think so. After all, who among the romance reading audience can honestly say they’ve never had Lust stir their fantasies or dreams? I merely took an important facet of my existence as a woman and gave it a male form in my fiction.

That’s a great way to look at it. And they may not be “real” people but they are in your brain, and if you do your job they are to your readers as well. What are your current projects?

I’m currently working on more titles in my Immortal Paradise series, featuring the island and recurring characters seen in THEIR SECRET PARADISE. I love this setting and the premise, and can’t wait to share with readers a lot more about the sizzling god Lust, his counterpart Love, and some new players including angels, vampires, and a tale that tells the *true* story about the holy grail.

Wow, that sounds really interesting. You’ll have to let us know when it releases so we can be excited for you. You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?

During my thirties I would sit up nights playing the “if you could go back and erase one thing in your past” game. I spent many sleepless hours philosophizing over this, but it always brought me back to one sometimes depressing, sometimes reassuring fact. We are the sum total of every decision we’ve ever made, and of every experience we’ve ever had. If I undid one experience, my path would have curved, possibly into situations where I would have fared even worse. So although I’ve had true horrors, traumas, and mistakes that tore me up with regret, I can honestly say I would not try to change any of it. I walked every step for a reason, and must own every moment of it.

Fantastic way to look at life and the world around you. And now for the absolutely nothing to do with writing questions. What’s a saying you use a lot? Where did it originate from?

“Seriously?” Is a recent one I picked up. i.e.: someone cuts in front of me in line at the market with twenty items and I’ve got two. I’d look them in the eye and say, “Seriously?” My spouse and coworkers are using it a lot, too. Funny thing is, I’ve not the slightest inkling where I picked it up.

Lol, I don’t always say it out loud but I DO say that LOL. When you looked in the mirror this morning, what was the first thing you thought?

The first thing I thought was, “Seriously? No one on earth should have to see this.”

LOL, we all have days like that. What is your heritage?

I’m largely Irish, with some German and a questionable French descent. I say questionable because apparently my family lied about their origin when they came over from Ireland back in the days when the Irish were viewed lower than just about everyone else. They changed their last name to hide the Irish leanings and claimed they were from the land o’ romance.

Yeah, it’s amazing how you end up with a name that doesn’t sound remotely irish, but you know you are. Gotta love family research. Have you ever cried during a movie? If yes, which one and why?

Oh heavens, when DON’T I cry at movies? I’ll admit, I teared up a little during New Moon, but I cried quite a bit this week when I caught the MISTS OF AVALON TV miniseries on disc. I’m such a sucker for storyline and for “messages” that touch me. I’m also more emotional during the holidays, so that’s a good time to get me with a zinger.

LOL, nothing wrong with being a bit emotional. What is your favorite pizza?

Have you EVER had the wonder that is the garlic sauce and chicken pizza? Heaven on earth, I tell you. Instead of pizza sauce, a savory butter-garlic sauce. Lots of juicy chicken breast and a combo of mozzarella, jack, and parmesan cheese. Top with green onions. Mercy! They served these at a take-and-bake pizza place when I lived in Simi Valley many years ago, and I’ve never had anything quite as spectacular since.

No, I haven’t but it sounds good. Wait, I’ve heard of it, but haven’t tried it. Thank you so much for hanging out with us today. It was so great getting to know you better today. Don’t be a stranger and stop by whenever the mood hits you, lol.

J. Rose Allister is an award-winning short story teller and bestselling author. She lives in Southern California with her husband and 6 year old daughter. You can catch up with her online at her blog.

Their Secret Paradise by J. Rose Allister

Gina investigates supernatural influences at an island getaway guaranteed to stir the winds of passion.

The siren call of the glittering sea can stir the most sensual of fantasies, especially on an island that simmers with supernatural eroticism. Parapsychology graduate Gina Munson knows better than to fall victim to the special “charms” at her uncle's resort...until a muscled building contractor stumbles across her private sunbathing nook and heats up her summer Bahamas paradise.


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