Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not Quite There... Yet


So, I received a reply from The Wild Rose Press in regards to my submission of Claiming Her Cowboy. No, I don't have a contract, but it wasn't a complete rejection either.

Basically, they liked it, think I'm headed in the right direction, but I need to make some revisions. I don't have enough conflict... which is frustrating because I already added quite a bit more conflict than was there before. My good friend Marianne laughed at me... but in a nice way. LOL. She said, "You're so sweet, you don't like to torture your babies." Then she quoted another author, "But, you have to hang your hero from a cliff and pelt rocks at him, otherwise you're doing your manuscript a disservice." Okay... pelt rocks at him... *sigh* I think I can do that.

But, honestly, I am really okay with this. I'm not bummed, I'm actually hopeful. They didn't send me a "Your work sucks, please don't send us anything else" letter. They were very nice and gave me quite a few helpful ideas and thoughts. I've got two months to do the revisions and send it back to them... as Wendi would say, "Back to my bat cave."

Wish me luck.

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Sandy Sullivan said...

I've had those type of replies from TWRP myself. It makes you feel better to know it's not all bad. Hang in there girl and keep resubmitting.