Thursday, April 23, 2009

The End?

So... a couple weeks ago, I submitted a short story "Love Your Enemy" to a small press. I submitted it because I thought it was ready. But in the days since, I've been obsessing about it, certain I could make it better, stronger, faster than before...


Maybe just better.

I keep thinking about places I could ramp up the tension or make the sex even hotter. Places where the characters could be stronger, the descriptions deeper, the story more interesting.

It's driving me crazy.

And part of me hopes the editor will reject it so I CAN do those things (though, I suppose it's possible she'll let me do them even if she does contract it). It's frustrating, because I read through every word of that story dozens of times to make sure I was really ready to send it off and now I'm second-guessing myself.

When IS a story finished? Or, maybe it would be more appropriate to ask, IS a story ever finished?

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