Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I DID IT!!! Cherry = Lost

Dear heavens... finally... I did it. For the first time. And I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach about it. It was exciting... scary... a little painful.

Did YOU feel this way your first time?

I submitted something.

I challenged Kealie to a writing duel -- write a complete story in 24 hours and it had to be at least 7500 words.

And, you know what? We BOTH did it... sort of!!! Mine was 8,000, hers was just over 12,000 and it took us from late Weds to Friday. So, yeah, a little more than 24 hours but pretty dang close.

I sent mine to a friend who actually earns money as an editor. She found my typos and grammar boo-boos and plot inconsistencies. Thankfully, there weren't many. And I got it back, polished the pogees out of it, wrote a query and synopsis and sent that sucker off.

And now I want to vomit.

But... there will never be another first time. And, you always remember your first, right?

And now, I'm moving on to my next. I'm a story whore... what can I say?


Kayelle Allen said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations on deciding to lose that cherry. Let's hope it turns out to be a long-term relationship with a publisher who'll love you! If not, kick em to the curb and go for the next one.

You go girl!

Mysti Holiday said...

Thanks, Kayelle. The editor req'd the full (said my synopsis made her chuckle -- which is a good thing). So, fingers crossed!!