Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Depths of My Nosiness

I told y'all I'd tell you about the second experience that brought my nosiness and author mentality even further to my attention.

The way my home is positioned on our street with my living room windows facing out to the street of a major walkway through our neighborhood gives me ample oportunity to people-watch. Yet another trait I have that causes me to be nosey.... I love to study body language and try to figure out how they feel about each other: The teenage kids so new to their hormones and socializing; The young family walking with the mother and children in front while father brings up the rear, watchful and smiling; The men coming and going from work, and the moms picking their kids up from school (we live across the street from an elementary school). I love to watch the teenagers who seem to think the low wall butting from my property up against the sidewalk is the perfect place to stop and rest... talk... wait... or argue.

My favorite sight this last week was when I was working in my living room on my laptop and looked up to see a young couple leaning against the low wall in an obviously loving embrace. He was sitting on the wall and she was leaning into him. Her hands in his hair, his on her hips and they were kissing in the most loving way and I was caught in their tableau. But it wasn't just the intimacy that they had no difficulty sharing with others around them... it was the fact that she was dancing. All through the kiss her body was swaying and bouncing in a joyful dance.

Wow, was that kiss so powerful that she had to dance for the joy of it? I checked her ears... no ear buds... she was hearing her own music and it added to the sweetness and joy I could feel coming from them and their kiss. While I was a bit of a voyeur, this couple brought a smile to my face and had me asking: I wonder what she hears when she kisses him? Does she hear music for every part of her life? Does he hear her music too somehow, and that's why they seem to be so good together? I just REALLY liked watching them. They were in no way inapropriate for their surroundings, but I don't think they would have cared anyway.

What do you see when you look at others? Do you file their every nuance and laugh away in your brain to be taken back out for future clarity?


Kimber Chin said...


I loved this post.
So very, very romantic!

Kealie Shay said...

Thanks, Kimber. They really were adorable and I was hard-pressed not to go fluttering out my front door to interrogate them... but I held off and was a voyeur instead. :-D