Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Have a Story UP!

Whipped Cream Reviews has accepted another of my short stories! I'm excited and hope you enjoy reading some of my work. It's entitled, "Perchance to Dream".

Actually, they're looking for more stories, so I'm hard at work on trying to figure out how to cram a romance with nookie into 1000 words. It's kind of a neat challenge, though I do admit to spending more time than I should on the short stuff and not finishing my longer story (my poor heroine has been tied to the bed for WEEKS... hmm... I don't think she's complaining, lol).

Anyway, in case you were interested, here's the words they've put out on the loops (they want erotic and non-erotic both):

The Long and the Short of It is a paying market for flash fiction, romance stories with a HEA. For short shorts (maximum 1,000 words), we offer $5 (payable on acceptance and via Pay Pal only) and a free book cover or banner ad (a $10 value). The author will also receive a link on the site to their webpage and/or blog.
For more submission details, please go to

Hope to see some of you there.

And, do let me know if you liked my story -- it's posted here:



Kealie Shay said...

Well, yanno... if you hadn't said something I was going to. :-D

Helen Hardt said...

Congratulations, Mysti! I'll go check it out.