Monday, February 23, 2009

Fat Tuesday!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Let the good times roll! Yup, that's right, today is Mardi Gras... and I want to be there! Don't we all? As a writer of Erotic Romance I quite frequently deal in the business of excess... at least that's what others think. Personally, I have always believed that we simply revel in the entire relationship, which includes the touches and licks and strokes and the buildup. Ahem... is anyone else warm now? LOL

Mardi Gras is traditionally a time of overindulgence before Lent... at least that's what I was always told. For me it's been a time of traditions and fun and celebration before sacrificing those same things to further your faith. Growing up with half of my heritage in Louisiana, I have always loved this time of year. The buildup of the excitement the entire month before Fat Tuesday. The whole week of parades and floats and parties and balls before the Big Day.

It's an amazing and vivid time based on generations of tradition (yes, I'm saying that word a lot, but it's true) and family and togetherness... and I miss it. I haven't been home in a long time, and I haven't truly celebrated Mardi Gras since I was a teenager. I listen in envy to my friends that get to make the trips (heck my children's Pediatrician is actually a member of one of the Krewes and he makes the trip every year with his family), and my family that still live there... and I wish I could just pick up and join them. I want my own children to experience that wonder, and sit on a box on top of a ladder so they can see the floats better and wave their hands for the "throws" to put in their pillow cases... and I want to marvel at the amazing get-ups and creative costumes again.

I miss the food, and the music and the people all smiling and laughing and saving your spot on the parade route. I miss the music and the dancing and the excuse to dress up again (as the last time was Halloween). I miss the heritage and the pride and... the people. I want to see how NOLA is doing. Is she really doing as well as visitors have said? Like a Grand Dame coming out of the hospital, the bruises fading, the scars healing, New Orleans is emerging again into the world and showing just how beautiful she is and I want to be there!

Don't believe me? Check this site out: Mardi Gras In New Orleans

It shows so many things that are part of Mardi Gras... not just the drinking and excess in the French Quarter.

How about you? Do you and your family celebrate Mardi Gras (Carnival)? Have you ever been? What are your favorite memories? Are you there now? Share share!

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