Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Five Things with A

Because I'm pretty sure I use all my brain cells on my writing and just functioning day-to-day, and can never think of anything clever to blog about, I'm starting a theme to help jump start myself. I like jump starts... it's why I drink coffee in the morning.

And, heck, if any of you want to join me in the silliness, please do -- and leave me a comment so I can come visit.

Here's what I'm going to do. Every week I'm going to post five things about me (who I am, what I like, etc) that begin with a letter of the alphabet. I'll start with "A" and work my way through, although I may skip "X" for obvious reasons.

Want to play? Please? Fun is always MORE fun when you're with friends.

So... kicking it all off:

Five Things about Mysti that begin with the Letter A

1. Attitude - I haz it. Seriously, it's a problem for me on a regular basis. My DH deserves a gold star for putting up with me. I can't be easy to deal with.

2. Apples -- I love them. I eat an apple almost every day, and not just because it keeps the doctor away... that's just an added benefit.

3. Animals -- I'm an animal freak. I love them. All of them. Really! My fave pet is a rat, I handle the garter snakes in my garden, I feed the birds. If I didn't have my DH to keep me under control, I'd have a real menagerie.

4. Alpha Males -- Oh. Yum. I think part of that stems from being a tall person who dreams of having a man pick her up ala all the romance novels out there, carry her upstairs and toss her on the bed (a frothy canopy bed, of course). Ain't going to happen, though my DH is at least taller than me... which isn't always a given considering how close to six feet tall I am... which leads me to:

5. Amazonian -- I resemble that remark. I'm 5'10" and no lightweight. There was a point in time, my skinniest as an adult (and I was nearly skeletal) where I weighed 130 lbs. I look at some of those incredibly tall models who weigh 110 and wonder how they do it. My skeleton probably weighs more than that! I've never felt particularly feminine or attractive. Thankfully, again, my DH is significantly taller than me ... so he can make me feel at least a little like I'm a girl.


C'mon, you know you want to....


Helen Hardt said...

Oh, Alpha males, yum! And Amazonian, LOL. I'm 5'9", and though I'm pretty thin, I'm the same height as a lot of men I know, including my sister's husband (she's an inch and half shorter than I am.) My dh is 6'2" and has hunky broad shoulders, so I feel very feminine with him.

Fun post!


Kealie Shay said...

*gasp* NO WAY! Mysti, you haz attitude? Never would have figured! LOL

Mysti Holiday said...


It used to bug me to no end when I was in school: all the short girls dated the tall guys, leaving me with the 5'10" ones -- so I couldn't wear heels. It was awful... lol. My DH is 6'2" and makes me feel petite.


I'm thinking I'm not the ONLY one with attitude. *ahem*

Kealie Shay said...

Really? Who else? :::looking over shoulder::: Dangit there's no one else back there, but you can't possibly mean MOI!