Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday before Thanksgiving

...and where has this year gone? I won't be here next week, so I thought I would tell y'all thirteen things I'm cooking for Thanksgiving dinner:

1. roast turkey-- we've thought often about changing, but there is something to be said for tradition

2. my grandmother's cornbread dressing-- I've used this same recipe all my life and it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it

3. Giblet gravy

4. Brown gravy-- yep, we do two different kinds, because I like them both :-)

5. mashed potatoes-- I DO do this a bit differently than my grandmother did. For several years now, I've not been peeling my potatoes. Just scrubbing them good. More fiber, more vitamins, and time saving...what's not to love???

6. green bean casserole-- another traditional food, but this is one we have several times a year... not just on Thanksgiving

7. white acre peas -- we always had this particular kind of pea when I was growing up. It's a tiny light green pea and I just love eathing them, so I always try to find some for Thanksgiving

8. Shoepeg corn-- this, too, is something I grew up with. We would eat regular sweet corn the rest of the year, but for Thanksgiving we always had shoepeg.... :::shrugging::: who know why, but... it's tradition.

9. regular cranberry sauce-- I normally put two cans in the refrigerator around this time. The kids love cranberry sauce

10. fresh cranberry sauce-- DH, on the other hand, loves his fresh, with whole berries. So, I buy several bags and stick them in the freezer. I'll make it for Thanksgiving and again for Christmas.

11. "Grandma's Orange Salad"-- not MY grandmother, but my mom. She makes a wonderful salad with jello, whipped cream, sour cream, and mandarin oranges. It's always first on the list of things we have for any special dinner.

12. dinner rolls-- these vary depending on my mood. Sometimes we have biscuits, sometimes regular dinner rolls.

13. Desserts: pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, etc. It's a pie-lovers haven!

What are y'all going to have???


Helen Hardt said...

It all sounds yummy! Could you share the recipe for the orange jello salad? It sounds like something my boys would love!


Anonymous said...

Yummy I can't wait till next Thursday!