Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday with Jenny

I love writing... and I need to make more time to write but it seems outside things (which are all important) keep leeching time away from me. I think scientists should truly invent a time machine... not so much one that lets you travel through time, but one that generates time.

How is it that we have all the time-saving devices that have been invented in the last hundred years or so, and yet we seem to have a lot less time now than the people of previous generations have? It doesn't make sense to me.

And, speaking of history, today in 1851---Moby Dick:

On this day in 1851, Moby-Dick, a novel by Herman Melville about the voyage of the whaling ship Pequod, is published by Harper & Brothers in New York. Moby-Dick is now considered a great classic of American literature and contains one of the most famous opening lines in fiction: "Call me Ishmael." Initially, though, the book about Captain Ahab and his quest for a giant white whale was a flop.

To read the rest of the article, go to This Day in History.

And, for you fans of Procrastination Friday:

Check out the Fireworks over London

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Helen Hardt said...

Has anyone out there been able to get through Moby Dick? To me, it's the ultimate drowse fest, LOL. I love most of the classics, though.

And you're totally right about time. Sometimes it seems non-existent. I agree, we should have more time these days, but we seem to have less. Didn't women have all kinds of time back in the 50s? Maybe it just seems that way...