Thursday, May 24, 2012

Talking Vampires...Again

What do you want out of your vampire? Silly question? I want to know. I've been investigating vampires again and wanted to know: What do you really want out of your vampire? What turns you off about a vampire? What is a must for a vampire?
You're probably thinking, Slayer's off her rocker again. Nope. Just reading more reviews.
The reviews aren't even for my work. Nope. I go looking for the next good book to read and check out the reviews. I walk away wondering if the book is really that good/bad and how two reviewers read the same book but have such diverging thoughts.

So about those vampires...Scary? Bloodthirsty? Killing all humans? My thoughts are, if the vampire in that particular author's world is destructive and scary sexy, the kind that's out to rule the world without taking humans as pleasure objects...great. Keep that world that way throughout the story. More power to you. Purists don't want vampires that sparkle, wink, make eyes at a female for another other reason than to destroy her in order to get her blood. Wonderful. Not my thing, but whatever works.

But what if the author stays true to the world they've created, but the vampire does something that's not typical. I'm pretty sure Dracula never sparkled. And yet, this practice of sparkling has created such a heated debate there are denziens of teen girls who think all vampires do nothing but. I cite the reviews of Dracula on Goodreads where the individuals are totally shocked that ole Drackie came first and doesn't shimmer.

Is there a tried and true this is the ONLY thing that vampires can do manuscript out there? If there is, I haven't seen it. Is it possible that one can be totally turned off by a vampire that does something out of the norm? Sure. I'm not one for guys who don't shave their bodies. Sorry, not big into hairy men. I figure it this way, if the vampire does something, say eat food, as long as the author has explained why - survival of the fittest and fitting in to do just that - then go for it. As long as it stays logical for the character and the world, who am I to say that the vampire is written wrong?

Or am *I* the one who is totally off my rocker? I'd love to know. Come on and chatter with me. Pros, cons... I'm all ears.


Janice Seagraves said...

Love vamps and the whole paranormal thing.

In Black Dagger Brotherhood, the vamps are living vampires. Able to eat and have children. But like regular vamps can't go out in day light and have to drink blood, but it has to be from the opposite sex that's a vampire.

My daughter and I got hook on the series.


Megan Slayer said...

Hi Janice! I got hooked on the series, too. Love the BDB. Z was my fave. And yep, I remember. If the author sticks to the rules of the world he/she built, then more power to them as to what the vampire does. I'm so glad you came by!