Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Some days, I have the exact idea that I want to blog about... and other days I sit here and stare at that blinking cursor. Today is one of those latter days. No seriously... I've been sitting here staring at my computer screen, begging my brain to come up with something anything... and still I draw a blank.

Kind of like writing, dontcha think? Okay, EXACTLY like writing. I know that it gets frustrating for those of you that are bugging me for stories that I've promised, Ideas I've mentioned and heck, just something to let you know I'm still writing (:::cough cough Megan:::) My lack of time and sometimes mental energy makes it hard to even want to make the effort some days. Even with my muse and characters screaming at the top of their lungs in my head, it's difficult to justify the writing when the baby wants to be held or the dishes are stacked in the sink (although I will avoid the second one like the plague until one of the MEN who also live in this household pitch in, but that's another story) and I gaze longingly at my computer and wonder, "Will I ever get to just sit down and write and actually finish all these things I've started? Will I actually get to play with Megan with our stories we've come up with?" and life laughs in my face and says, "Sure, if you can get the kids here - here - and here and get home in time to get little one to sleep and take the five minutes you might get to power up your laptop and write something down." Yeah... life likes to mess with me.

I learned a long time ago, or at least I thought I did, that I wasn't ever going to say that I could "finally start working on something since it's been so quiet around here!" yeah, that's just begging for life to give a great big belly laugh and throw something else into your path.

So, while I've tried making a schedule of when I plan to sit down and do these things, there is usually something to stops me from doing it at the time I want to, and by the time I remember it again, something else has come up. My question here for those of you who actually read this (otherwise I'm talking to myself... but I'm cool with that! LOL): What do you suggest would be a good way to carve out some time just for my writing, yanno, before the voices drive me wonkie? yeah, that's my train of consciousness today... hope you enjoyed! LOL



Leah said...

Aww, hugs Kealie. I too get writer's block on a frequent basis. Then again, I'm capable of creating my own blocks by diverting myself away from something I want to do but I know I'll find difficult.

I can't answer your question I'm afraid. Prime example....yesterday I had nothing to blog about, so eventually ended up extolling the virtues of Sweet Almond Oil being good for the skin (especially the lady bits!)

Kealie Shay said...

LOL, Leah... s'alright. I think it was more I needed to vent. I know Megan listens to me rant... and she's the most likely to give me a kick in the pants, but she does understand. It's just frustrating... because sometimes when I DO get that time set aside and I sit down with my laptop (at least when it hasnt' been commandeered by some adult male who will remain nameless) I find myself unable to focus enough to get the story out, or to silence enough of the voices so that I can work on one thing instead of bouncing back and forth from one to the next. *sigh*

Thanks for stopping in, Leah, and listening to me whine, lol...