Friday, May 18, 2012

Just One of Those Things

All I wanted to do was put books on my reader for DH to read them. Yep. That simple. Of course, it wasn't that simple. Nope. So what happened? Glad you asked. I wanted to add the books I'd written to the ereader because DH takes the reader to work. He reads at lunch. Sometimes I'm not sure how he does it because some of those are darned hot. Anyway, that's what I wanted to do.

I plugged in the reader. Accessed the program. Score and score. I grab the title and proceed to drag and drop it into the reader file. WHAM! Nothing happened. "Transfered 0 of 1 files" Well, crap. Tried again. Like four times. Same thing every time.

I could've given up and moved onto something else. I could've. I didn't. Why? I hate giving up. So I went to the instruction manual. "File Corrupt" GRRRRRRR!!

Fine. I go to the website. I figure that if they have customer service, then I'm heading there. Thankfully it was free customer service. I've seen plenty of places that have 'free' customer service, unless you haven't bought an extended service plan. Then you're just stuck. So I got lucky. Connected to the CS person and got the situtation sorted out. Only took me another hour to do so, but hey, it's fixed.

I'm not sure what all was wrong, but I can put the books on and all is well. I've got stories to work on and things to do tonight. But isn't it funny how one thing can spiral into a couple hours of work you never expected to spend? Just one of those things...

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