Monday, October 31, 2011

Vampire Mine ~ The Finale

copyright c.2011 Megan Slayer

Cy fisted his hands behind his back. Not because Martin wanted something impossible, but because he wanted to make Martin’s desires come true. Was that crazy? Not as crazy as the need to be inside the man. Cy’s fangs elongated in his mouth. The bloodlust bubbled within him. Oh fuck. The last time things happened so fast, he damned near drained his partner. He turned away and grabbed the bottle of lube from the bureau.

When he returned his attention to Martin, Martin smiled and tipped his head. Sweetness radiated off his body and the scent of his blood filled Cy’s nose. The smile broadened a bit. “I trust you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have come on to you.”

Trust. What a completely common word with such an overwhelming meaning. His baser desires roared within him. Bite. Bite. Bite. Cy shivered and squirted lube onto his hand.

“Hard. Make me feel every last inch.”

Martin wanted it, then Cy would give. Cy wrapped his fingers around his cock, coating himself with the slippery lube. He swayed on his feet, caught up in the overwhelming need to sink his teeth into Martin’s vein. Cy lined his cock up with the tight rosette of Martin’s ass and pressed.

“Oh fuck!” The smile left Martin’s face and his eyes closed. His lips parted. “Yes.”

Cy groaned and pushed deeper into Martin’s ass. His vision blurred like when he bit into a victim. God, it was heady being with Martin. And he hadn’t even moved. Cy grabbed Martin’s hips and worked in and out of Martin’s body. Time and space meant nothing as he lost himself in the tight, hot depths of his lover. He tilted his head back and growled.

“Do it,” Martin gasped. “Please.”

Cy forced his eyes open. Where was his restraint? Where was his reserve? He wasn’t the type to let his vampire instincts just take over. “I can’t hold back.” Frustration thickened his voice.

“I’m yours.”

The world blurred again as Cy slumped forward and clamped down onto Martin’s neck. Sugary sweetness burst on his tongue. The pressure of Martin’s ass around Cy’s cock grew tighter. Fuck. He’d lose his load in a hot second. Cy shuddered and emptied his seed into the condom. He braced himself on his forearms and withdrew from Martin’s vein.
“Oh. My. God.” Martin went limp beneath Cy. “Wow.”

Cy pulled out of Martin and flopped onto his back beside his lover. Wow was right. He wasn’t sure how long they laid together.

“I came looking for you tonight.”

“Why?” Here we go. Cyrus braced himself for the worst. The things he wanted most never seemed to turn out. He stared at the ceiling rather than look into Martin’s eyes.

“I wanted you.” Martin rose up on his elbow. He splayed his hand across Cy’s chest.

“So you said.” Optimism blossomed, but Cy snuffed it out. No hope was better than crushed hope. Still, he liked the feel of Martin touching him.

“I wanted you to notice me. You always seem so low—like someone kicked your cat. Broke my heart.” Martin smoothed his hand up Cy’s chest to his chin. He forced Cy to look at him. “When I see your gorgeous eyes and sexy smile, I can’t look away.”

“You don’t have to—”

“Flatter you?” Martin nodded and caressed Cy’s bottom lip with his thumb. “I don’t, you’re right, but I want to. Call me crazy, but I’ve been a little in love with you since we met.”

“Met? Like a couple hours ago? That’s too quick for love at first sight, even for a pessimist like me.”

“Kinda.” Martin shrugged. “I’ve been coming to the bar for at least six months. Since I made partner at Ellis and Ellis.”

“Partner? Wow.” Okay, that impressed him. The guy had a career and a future. Coming to the bar for six months watching him? That was a little spooky. Was it a vampire fetish? Death wish?

“Yeah, I’d sit in Candy’s area and just take in the sights. She knew about the crush. Hell, she figured it out before I did. Maybe it was the look in my eyes or the bloody Mary. I’m not sure.”

Cy did the mental computation. He’d made so many drinks, but with a name like Bloody Mary, it stuck out. He hated mixing the messy and unappealing. “So that was you... but why didn’t you come talk to me before tonight?” If he’d have known it was Martin on the receiving end, things would’ve been different.

“I never said anything. I’m shy. I know, a shy lawyer. What a crock of shit.” Martin rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I have to sound like a lunatic.”

“I don’t think so.”

Slowly Martin turned his attention back to Cy. His eyes widened. “Can I be honest?”

“Please do.” There wasn’t much more Martin could say that would shock him.

“I worked over at least fifteen ways to say hi without looking like a stalker but I couldn’t go through with it. Chicken shit, I guess. I saw how you dealt with customers, how you smiled, laughed every once in a blue moon, and I wanted more than one night. Yes, Candy gave me the extra push, but offering myself was purely my idea. It was exactly what I wanted to do.” Martin’s chest rose and fell with each excited breath.

“Wanted?” Cy cupped Martin’s cheek with a shaky hand.

“Still want to.”

If Martin could be honest, then so could Cy. “You know the mate thing is a crock of shit, right? A tall tale perpetuated by those who know nothing about vampires. We hook up like anyone else and there’s no destined love. Its just attraction and we hope it works out.”
“Good?” The response was so final.

Martin shrugged again and the smile returned. “I’d rather be your boyfriend and lover than some made up mate.” He crinkled his nose. “Besides, mate sounds so primitive.”

Cy chuckled. He still had the limp condom on and Martin’s blood on his tongue. Being with Martin wasn’t anything like he’d expected, but more than he could’ve hoped for. “Boyfriend does have a nice ring to it.”
Martin snuggled up next to cy and wrapped his arm around Cy’s middle. “Cy?”
“Yeah?” Cyrus raked his fingers through Martin’s hair. Things had gone so fast, but hell who was he to question a simple twist of fate?

“Let’s make love again. I like knowing I belong to you.”

“You got it—once I ditch the rubber.” Then they could make love all night long.

“Sounds like a plan.”

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