Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Book Video ~ A Wolf's Duty ~ Jennifer Alli

As the last surviving werewolf prince, it is Tobias' birthright to be King and lead his people, keeping their existence hidden fromthe humans they have lived beside for centuries and those that have hunted them,dedicated to the extinction of his species. But Tobias has no mate and withoutone he can never be King. For over two hundred years he has searched but it isonly after a mysterious call for help that his search ends.

Alex has not had an easy life and despite the happiness that Tobias brings, his arrival makes her life no less complicated. Her connectionto Tobias is strong and almost instantaneous, overcoming the years of cautionand mistrust that living with her abusive, violent father has caused, almost asthough something beyond their control was bringing them together.

As hidden secrets from Alex's past are unearthed, revealinghow extraordinarily different she truly is, Alex is pulled irrevocably into Tobias' world, but as they soon discover his world is no less dangerous thanthe one she left behind. When their two worlds collide will their love surviveor will his duty and her differences keep them apart?

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