Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Much Is Too Much?

So ... I'm writing a menage story. At least, I'm plotting it in my head and have some of it written. It's a true menage a trois: three people (in my case, it's M/F/M). Despite it feeling a bit racy for me ... I realize it's pretty tame, since three is no longer that big a deal in erotic romance.

Lately, I've seen stories with these types of labels: M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M

Really? I'll be honest, I don't know what I'd do with seven guys. At least not all at the same time. I don't think there's a bed big enough. I'm tempted to read the story just to view the logistics.

But, how many are too many?

I like menage stories. A good menage is one of my favorite genres to read. But, I prefer three... I read one once that was M/F/M/M/M ... and while it was pretty well written, just didn't do it for me. First, I had to try to keep track of all the different parties and since there wasn't a lot of introduction before they all got down to it, that wasn't the easiest thing for me. Next, all the men sort of blended. They were all alpha, and brothers, to boot -- so similar to the point of being unremarkable.

I can't even remember the title.

A good menage story should stick in the brain. The menage the popped my cherry was a short, simple one: "Hired Hands" by Wendi Darlin. It wasn't a committed menage, but it was believable and hot and it satisfied me on every level: sexy, romantic and the kind of situation I could even see myself in.

The next one I picked up was "Rough Justice" by Kyann Waters. Again, a believable situation. Two guys both crazy about the same woman... one of the guys isn't really into menage. He's NOT gay, and uber-alpha ... so he fights the idea. Admittedly, this story had a couple things that I didn't care for (night stick as dildo made me shudder), but it otherwise really did it. It made sense, it was romantic and oh-so freaking hot. Perfect.

Now and then I stray outside the number of three, but I find I just don't like it. I don't believe it and that is the toughest thing for me to get past.

What about you? Do you really love the "menage and more" stories? If so, can you recommend one to me? What's your favorite menage story? Come on, folks... DISH!


Kristabel Reed said...

I love a good menage, also, but find the more the not so merrier. It's true that it's confusing, but I'm also not really into 1 woman 5 men and less so with brothers. The brother thing kind of skeeves me even if they're not doing anythign together.

I'm always up for a good menage recommendation! Thanks for those titles.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Pardon the pun, but how would one keep that many men straight? I'd be so confused.

allstarme said...

I only just got into reading them and my first taste was in Lauren Dane's Laid Bare. I wanted more like that where it started as two and another guy came in and then both guys were together too. But since, I have read a bunch and I think it's pretty entertaining. But I agree that any more than 3 and the logistics can flat out be confusing.

Megan Slayer said...

Beings that I have three vampire Cabana Boys, I can say that its a very pleasureable experience, but logisitics when everything is really cookin' can be....confusing. You're functioning on raw feelings. TMI? oh well...

Mysti Holiday said...

Kristobel, I know you like a good menage! I read yours :-D ... and it was a good menage. I don't usually read F/F/M stuff, but it was very, very well done.

Wendi, ha -- I'm wondering if the guys did stay straight .. I mean, otherwise they'd just have to sit there and watch a porn vid, live. Yanno?

Allstarme, I haven't read that one. I'll have to give it a try!

Megan my darling, you are the exception to so many rules. *G*

Janice said...

I've only red one so far Wolf tales and was disappointed. I know people love it, but it wasn't very believable.

I know how can a were-wolf story be believable? Well, it can be if its done well.