Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poking My Head In

Yes, I know. I have been seriously MIA lately. Other than the posting during Halloween, I've been... missing. I hope everyone can forgive me. My girls, Megan and Mysti have held it together, but I know they were worried for a bit there.

I won't bore you with the details, other than to say that there have been health issues, family issues and just life issues that cropped up. I'm hoping... praying... wishing... that all will be quiet now and I can actually get back to doing what I love. Writing, chatting, catching up with all my online friends.

I didn't get back on the wagon in time for NaNo this year, and a part of me is a bit upset by that. Even though I haven't won one yet, it was fun the last time I did it. I guess I could start now, but the month is already half over... and I just don't see it happening, lol. I'm barely getting back onto a writing schedule.

There are a couple of things I have in the works, and something that Megan and I are working on. We work well together, which is seriously helped along by the whole best friend, finish each other's sentences thing. We're both hoping that within the next few weeks we'll be far enough along, and happy enough with our progress to actually... talk about what we're doing. A whole new world will be opening up... we hope. So, stay tuned on that front.

So, how's everyone else doing? Did you miss me... or even notice I dropped off the face of the internet? What's something you're looking forward to? Anything? Anyone? I know, we can't catch up in one post... but hopefully, we'll at least start.

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