Thursday, June 21, 2012

Friday Fun with Megan!

I wasn't sure what the heck to write about today. I mean, I could post hot guys, but that's what tomorrow is for (make sure you vote for the hottie of the first half of the year). I could post something funny, like a video. Could even entertain you with a video clip of a song that's stuck in my head. Then there's always my abudantly exciting typing skills. Turns out I can't type the word the right on the first try. Shrug. It's a gift.

But then the thought struck me, or rather I was talking to Kealie and she struck me--either works. I happened to be complaining that I didn't have a clue as to what I was going to blog about.

"Why don't you blog about how you and I aren't even in the same state and yet we're chatting like we're in the same room? And then add that you and DH ARE in the same room and are chatting because it's easier?"

You make me sound so boring and lazy...

But really, yeah, Kealie and I are in two totally different states on opposite ends of the country and yet we can chat and it's like we're in the same room. Then again, we end each other's sentences and know what the other is thinking so that's got to be even scarier.

So honestly, I had nothing exciting to talk about other than I'm glad there's chat. Otherwise I'd have to really ship the brain Kealie and I share back and forth instead of talking on the computer. Really thrilling I know. But then again, I'm procrastinating so it happens.

Now I'm off to conquer a WIP. Ta!

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