Friday, February 4, 2011

Choices, Choices...

So I'm trying to decide where I want to send my submission. It's still waiting for a little more polish and such, but I'm wondering what pub is the right one for me, and for it.

Plus a little tiny part of me is scared to death to send it in. I had a good friend tell me, well, you never know until you send it. Go with your gut and just see what happens.

So why does this scare me? Because I've seen what another friend has been through. She had a sub she thought was spot on and it was rejected. Sure, it had been a resub, but it was still kicked out. Is it spot on? I thought so. I mean, I read it, was drawn in, and wanted to know what would happen.

Will people think that with mine?

I dunno.

Thoughts? The knees are a-quakin'. I'm open for suggestions, comments, advice, whatever you can throw at me (as long as it doesn't hit me in the head.)

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