Friday, August 13, 2010

Why Can Men But Women...Shouldn't?

I happened to be watching television a week or so ago and happened on a movie about a couple of gay men. I stopped on the channel because I caught a glimpse of one of the guys. He was cute--a bit young for me--but cute nonetheless. I continued watching the movie and found the scenes where the guys kissed, touched and so forth....interesting. I mean, the guys were hot and totally into what they were doing. The confidence and desire was sexier than just looking an nicely built guys.

It got me thinking.

If a guy can be turned on by "two girls going at it" then what's to say I can't find two men engaged in an--how shall I put this--amorous entanglement sexy?

From my time reading and working in the romance genre, I can tell you that many women write M/M romance and the biggest readership for M/M romance? Women.

Piqued, I asked the boys. I mean, they are my partners and they don't get into getting it on with each other, so I figured they'd be honest with me. Funny thought, that.

All three turned a beautiful shade of crimson and stumbled all over their words. Confused me greatly. They liked to watch girls who may or may not be lesbian have sex. Two girls and one guy? Even better. Hell, the boys all play with me when we play, so I'd think that M/F/M/M shouldn't bother them.

Apparently when it's just guys, it bothers them.

So my question, and yes I want to know what you think, is why is it perfectly fine for men to watch and lust after two women having sex in front of them, but if its the reverse--a woman watching lustfully as two men go at it, it's considered 'wrong on so many levels'?

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one else commented here. I think it's "wrong" for women to be turned on by two men because we live in a male dominated society and for one, they don't believe women would think outside the box so to speak. They figure that we don't like to watch, much less see two men and not your typical M/F. I have had to admit to and explain to my husband that I find M/M pairings to be quite a turn on and he still can't understand it. Perhaps it's just not something they can wrap their heads around. Something evolutionarily wrong! I don't know. Just saying.