Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Do YOU Think Qualifies as "Erotic Romance"?

I've been mulling something over lately because of a few comments and conversations I've seen and had. I read a review a couple of weeks ago that said something about that particular story being a "real" erotic romance which thrilled the reviewer because most of the erotic romance stories are "just" really hot sex.

I've also been challenged by my WRP editor to write a story that would qualify at "two roses" -- meaning it will include menage or bondage. Now, I'm more than cool with a good menage, and a little light bondage works for me, but mostly when I write (and read) erotic romance, I prefer one-on-one steamy sex.

I wonder -- do you, as a reader, feel somehow cheated if there isn't a little something *more* in your erotic romance? Do you think it's not really erotic if you don't have a little "tie me up, tie me down" or more than two bodies in bed?

And, what qualifies as "hot" when it comes to sex anyway? Does it need to be public, or does your heroine need to be a contortionist or should there be a touch of the voyeur? If they only do it in bed, in missionary position with one person, does it count?

What do YOU like in your erotic romance? What's the line where a spicy mainstream romance becomes erotic?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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J.A. Saare said...

Hey Mysti,

I actually wrote about this on my blog the other day (titled, Is this Romance? In case your interested).

As both a reader and a writer, I've noticed the shift in what is considered "erotic". Seems to me that emotional investment and solid storytelling have become second to explicit acts that are hardly romantic.

Don't get me wrong, I love heat as much as the next eskimo. But I also need to connect to the characters in order to love the material and throughly enjoy the work. When you remove the romance, is it really anything more than porn?

I've read some fantastic menage stories, as well as some BDSM works that have had me reaching for the kleenex (Joey W. Hill, anyone). It's not the sexual acts (though great ones leave an impression!) but the trust and respect between the partners that engages my interest and snares my attention.

Oh, and hot to me, can be two people that are "this" close to touching...and the author builds the tension...and keeps it going...and going...and going...

There is nothing hotter imho.