Sunday, December 13, 2009

Book Commercial ~ L.A. Heat by PA Brown

L.A. Heat by P.A. Brown

In-the-closet detective, David Eric Laine has kept his desires secret. Until he meets Christopher Bellamere, proud and openly gay. When a series of horrific torture/murders of gay men leads the police to Chris David is torn between his attraction for the most beautiful man he's ever met and his fears that he's a vicious killer.


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george-allwynn said...

Hey Pat!

After reading this - we have even more in common! (like thunderstorms, flavor of sodas, I am ALWAYS reading (if not writing) and staying up late - though I confess, that just started recently!)

Though, I am more of a cat person (I do like dogs, but they can be too clingy for me) Also, I like weird stuff on my pizza - I just don't care for spicy stuff!

You are the third published author who has told me - screw the rules. (I've been so anal retentive on following all the rules that it nearly destroyed my voice and style.) Hmmm. Do you think the Writing Gods are trying to tell me something?

Thanks for a great interview! It was fascinating to know more about one of my favorite authors -- and the ONLY author I'll read for crime m/m romance!

Sloan Parker said...

Great interview!! I must admit, I just recently read my first PA Brown story, and I'm hooked. Can't wait to read the rest of your work. I loved your style. So refreshing. Best of luck with your writing, Pat!