Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sixteen Things About Me...

My two darling friends, Helen Hardt and April Vine, both tagged me in this game. Don't worry girls... I'll figure out a way to get ya back! :-D

Anyway, the rules are I'm supposed to tell y'all sixteen things you didn't know about me. Since I'm so chatty, that was kind of hard to come up with, but here they are, in no specific order (and I put it up on Facebook and MySpace as well):

1) I'm allergic to bees. Yup, deathly allergic as a matter of fact. I don't garden (no matter how much I want to) for the mere fact that one sting can send me to the hospital in anaphilaxis (sp?). I carry an EpiPen everywhere I go (an epinephrin auto-injector) and have actually had to use it twice.

2) I have to have ice in my milk. It just can never be cold enough if you ask me, and I think it's a little treat to suck the frozen milk off of the icecubes when I'm done.

3) I am not a morning person, I am mean and cranky and my kids have learned that they need to leave me be for at least an hour after I wake up, otherwise they get Mean Mommy. My hubby on the other hand refuses to remember this one.... he's been smacked more than once when trying to wake me up. You'd think he'd learn!

4) Purple is my absolute favorite color. Okay, you might have known this one, but still. I have purple everything: candles, candleholders, sweaters, purses, sheets, nailpolish... I have yet to find purple shoes that I actually like, but I will walk all the way across a store if I see purple shoes just to look and see if I find ones I like.

5) I am a pack rat. I really don't like to throw things away, and I have to be prodded to give stuff away or sell it. I always think that I'll find a use for it, or someone will want to see it... or something. I'm slowly breaking myself of this habit as I'm seeing a couple of my kids have the same unfortunate bent.

6) If I'm laughing really hard I tend to snort. Yeah, yeah, not ladylike... sue me. My kids don't think they've told a funny joke unless they can get a snort out of mommy. *sigh*

7) I don't drink alcohol. I'll use it for cooking, but that's it. Honestly, I don't need alcohol to dance on the bar... or change my sweater in the middle of a hot club.... and that way I know everyone will get home safely, because I'M driving and I'M sober!

8) I will not put my car in gear unless every single person in the car is wearing a seat belt. I don't care if you don't think they're comfortable, you can walk if you won't wear it in my car. Recently while out on the town with some friends I badgered a cab driver into pulling over until my friend in the back would put his seat belt on... he didn't want to but if he wanted to get to the nightclub ... needless to say, I won that argument and he wouldn't ride in the same cab with me the rest of the night. :-D

9) I have ridden motorcycles my entire life. For some reason this surprises people. My father has ALWAYS had a Harley ever since before I was born. I grew up knowing those bikers you see out and about. And I learned never to judge a book by it's cover... those guys bought me teddy bears and taught me how to change a tire just to mention a few things.

10) My oldest child has a disorder in the Autism spectrum. Life is never dull in our house.

11) I have about 50 pairs of fuzzy socks. You know, those really soft, fuzzy socks you get instead of slippers.... LOVE those! I compulsively buy them whenever I see them. And I wear them all the time.

12) I always sleep with covers... even in the middle of summer here in the desert. I have to have a sheet and blanket and I always tuck them under my feet. Considering how hot my hubby and boys sleep, we always have the air way down anyway... so it's self-preservation.

13) I can't stand for my food to touch on my plate, unless it's supposed to (lasagna, goulash... etc) or if I do it myself. Otherwise, I eat around the food that is touching and give it to my hubby.

14) I know absolutely nothing about football. I like to ask questions, but for some reason my brain just can't hang onto the information. I DO like football movies though, so hubby likes to reference football movies when he's explaining things to me.

15) I only have to go to a place twice (and sometimes only once) and I can get there again from that point on. I may not be able to tell you the streets, but I can get you there if I'm in the car with you.

16) I love to make cards. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween.. Thank you, Screw You... no matter what I LOVE to make cards. I have a decorated lunchbox tin that holds all my cards and whenever we need a card I usually have several made for every occasion. Which reminds me... I'm running low on Thank You cards.

Oy, that was hard... now y'all know just how neurotic I really am! Now I get to tag 16 other people. The problem I ran into was that most of the people I wanted to tag had already been tagged... but I tagged them again. Funny that we all know the same people! LOL So, here's my 16 people (I didn't tag Mysti or Jenny... figured they appreciate that, but they can do it if they want to):

1) Marianne Arkins
2) Judy Thomas
3) Belinda McBride
4) Paige Tyler
5) AJ Llewellyn
6) Devon Gray
7) Catherine Bybee
8) April Vine
9) Julie (you know who you are)
10) Michele O.
11) Briana K.
12) Dave H. (Uncle David)
13) Patti O'Shea
14) Daisy Dexter Dobbs
15) Kealie Frerichs
16) Kealie Flaherty

TAG, Y'all are it now!

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