Friday, June 17, 2011

What's Happening with Megan...

Been a while since I've done a proper got crazy. I'll give it my best to do it right and get you all up to speed.

I sent half the elemental story to the CP. She's not big into paranormals, but actually that's a plus. I mean, she's gonna look more for plot holes and goofy word usage and stuff. I need that, so I'm glad. She truly rocks, so I'm also not worried.

Contract came and was sent back to TEB for Permanent. The gals in the art dept always do a fantastic job, and I think (fingers crossed) I gave them enough of the right info that it should really rock. Again, I'm honestly not worried.

I'm also setting myself a goal. Doesn't mean I'll MEET it, but hey, better to set and fail than to fail because you never tried. The goal? To get the elemental and the companion story both done as well as subbed AND to write a higher learning story for the Dreamspinner call.

Think I can do it? I've got 'til August 15th. We'll see. I've got faith.

More later. I's gots to go write.

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