Friday, April 8, 2011

I Did the Deed...

Ok, the first time I started this post, it said "I Did the Dead". Kealie fell over laughing. "You do the dead all the time."

She'd be right. And it proves that I can't type for a diddly.

So about the Deed...

I sent Permanent off into the world. It's exciting and scary. Exciting because it's out into the world to someone other than Kealie, the crit partners, and my own brain. Scary as heck because I've had a nasty case of the what if's...

What if it's not good enough? What if it's laughed at? What if readers won't accept it? What if I poured my heart into these characters for no reason?

Ugh. No wonder my published friends talk about their Tums intake...I am so there.

Thoughts? This is my first submission...I'm skeered.

Oh and hey, while I'm thinking about it... I'm following Mysti on Whipped Cream on April 30th for the Spring is Bustin' Out All Over fest!! Join us. You could win a Nook!

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