Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How DO You Do It?

I recently came to the conclusion that no matter what plans I make, sometimes I can't make the time to write. And it drives me insane. But, I am a mother of four boys under the age of eleven... the youngest just turned two. Yes, he has jumped right into the "terrible twos" with both feet. My children are my priority, but sometimes my characters don't seem to understand that. LOL

In light of the scheduling conflicts of late, I decided that this past Sunday I would take my laptop with me to my parents' house. We were heading out there earlier than usual so that we might enjoy the Superbowl (YAY, SAINTS BTW!!!). I figured that everyone would be occupied with their stuff and I'd be able to sit either on the couch or in one of the myriad other rooms and get some writing done. I'm in the middle of trying to finish another short story for Whipped Cream and running through one more set of edits before I send my Cowboy off to another publisher for consideration.

Would you like to know what I found out this last Saturday? Yes, you would? Here goes: When it comes to interruptions... MY MOTHER IS WORSE THAN MY KIDS!

My mother knows what I write, and she's proud of me. But she's squeamish... about me writing it, her reading it... and me reading it. My day and evening went something like this:

"Whatcha doin?" As she plops down in the seat next to me. "What's that?" As I quickly close out the rather graphic sex scene I'm working on and open a game of solitaire. "Are you playing a game?"

"Well, Mom, I was writing. Now I'm playing solitaire." At which point she'd lose interest. She'd watch the game for a bit then wander off to torment her grandchildren. Something she and the boys all enjoy, I promise. So, I open up my story...PLOP.

"OOOOHHHH.... are you writing a new story? What's this one about?" Yanno, there are two couches and a recliner and she HAD to sit next to me every single time. Yes, yes, I love my mother and we're close... "That's awful erotic... don't let your father see that!"

*sigh* Really, Mom? I thought I'd read it to him and give him a heart attack. I close the laptop completely and talk for a few minutes until she loses interest again and wanders away. Really, she's not usually this ditzy... but she was in rare form on Sunday. How do you explain these things to someone who is clearly interested... but probably wouldn't be too happy with the details?

She's sort of this way when I'm reading a book on my ebook as well. I tend to load my more erotic books to my eBook reader... no covers to leave people wondering... lol. Those conversations are fun too:

"Whatcha reading?" And while I would NEVER say this to her... I am always tempted to give her ALL the gory details...

"Well, Mom, let's see, this one is about a female submissive who is a pain slut. And the Dom who knows how to control her. My favorite scene is when he pulls out his bull whip... No, that's not a euphemism... it gets me hot to read the description of the crack of the whip and the sounds she makes as it hits her..."

NOT gonna happen! But isn't it fun to have such an imagination. I shared this story with my two Menagerie ladies, Mysti and JennyKat and they both laughed at me. I truly to adore my mother, and I know she honestly is interested... but I wonder if she really wants to know the details. She might be open about sex... but not that open. So, while I'll never speak to my mother in that way... it sure was funny to have the conversation in my head.

How do you do it? Do you just accept that some days you're not going to get done what you need to get done? I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend... and that you bet on the Saints. :-D Happy Tuesday!


Megan Slayer said...

My mother gives me the "oh, I never!" look and high tails it away.

But I have to admit, the story does tickle the funny bone. You should turn that into a story--the woman who tries to read a dirty story, only to be interrupted by the hunk o'her dreams.

Kealie Shay said...

LOL, Megan, I thought it was pretty funny too. Jenny loved the bullwhip comment.