Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday: or How to Face the Weekend

Good Friday morning, all. I kinda introduced myself yesterday, but since today is my first "official" blogging day, you get to know a little something about me.

I am an erotic romance writer. One of my favorite writers has referred to erotic romance as "porn with a plot." I like that. Erotic romance is definitely hot, steamy, erotic, "make you cream your jeans" kinda writing...if it's done well. And, there's a wonderful story you can get behind.

My own writing is set mostly in a mystical world, where shapeshifters have only in the last several years been franchised as citizens, where Ravenhart is a night to be feared, where people and shifters together fight for right against the foe. I do occasionally foray into this world...I'm working on something called "Steel Erections" right now... but my first love is worldbuilding. I expect you will hear more than you want of my world. :-)

But.. facing the weekend is what we want to talk about. For some people, the weekend provides a nice respite from the tedium that is daily life. For others, it provides chaos in an otherwise scheduled and orderly world. And, for even others, the weekend's are days just like any other.

What do you do to "face the weekend"? Do you plan a party to celebrate that, once again, TGIF? Do you grit your teeth because people will be home and throwing the proverbial wrench into your carefully laid out plans and schedules? Or do you look around and the only reason you know it's not a weekday is because you can't find the soaps on?


Mysti Holiday said...

Ah... Jenny... You know me! I'm all about routine, and I hate weekends, because there are no routines then.

My favorite day of the week is Monday.

Yes, I'm a little bit strange.


Kealie Shay said...

Me, you know me, I'm one of those people that SEEM to be really well organized! The truth is that I have no idea what day it is until my Palm Pilot beeps at me and reminds me where I have to be.

Especially during the summer, I go go go all day long and unless I have somewhere to be at a certain time it all blurs together.

I do like weekends... it means DH is home and I MIGHT get some writing done!


Shelley Munro said...

I've always liked weekends, although for me it means DH is home and I have to fight for rights to the computer. It can be messy, let me tell you. ;-)